Another Day Ends

Crows and bees
Dance among the trees,
Nowhere to hide and there is no fuss
Only Darkness.

Hello Crow

My Old Friend

Until we meet tomorrow, there will only be DREAMS.


Working at my Desk

It is very inspiring to sit at my desk and working from morning to night writing and writing. I think sometimes that I need a break, I do take the weekends off. 




I write articles, sometimes I rewrite articles. I like to blog and that is why I am here. Hope to see you soon. 

End of Summer: A blitz of Aspirations

Come February, there is a chill, a freezing of the things that were cold are now removing their winter clothes and peeping out into the shadowy darkness to ascertain that ALL IS WELL with the world.

Pigeon does a small number

Shake those Tail Feathers Ma

Come to think about it, there is nothing that I like more than summertime. Though, in summer I will often harp about the winter. This trend carries on throughout the year. It is natural.

Nature has packed up for the season. This season ended well. There are many victors and many who played and lost.

Let the Season BEGIN!