Born on the wrong side of today


Rein broken in order done

Dream of feet in time past

As man is second to none

Is cleansed by rain at last


Steps skip first second no crime

Grow for growth comes of toil

Walk distinct loses no time

Look back to grandma Poil

Seek nourishment his face turns

No respite along the coil


Why and what obedience

It is no cat on the fence


Another look at guile

Is absolute lack of style




It cannot be philosophy

If files be rearranged or style

You really do swing from the tree

Hear water notes for a mile


Looks of superiors shun

Pre-assignation of time

Solation or solution

Not in a game, place sublime

Though he seeks absolution

Crushes the neck commits the crime


Big cat respectful here

Rejoins after elixir


Cat rat leave town together

Cannot stand fishy weather



Race against the clock: Shinkansen staff have just 7 minutes to get bullet train ready to ride

Wonderful speed both train and staff



Japan’s shinkansen, or bullet train in the West, was the world’s first high-speed train running at 200km per hour, and today the Tōkaidō Shinkansen is the world’s most used high-speed rail line. Impressively, even with over 120,000 trains running on the line each year,the average delay time is a mere 36 seconds!

Part of the reason the bullet train system can run as smoothly as it does is thanks to the ‘hospitality group’ working behind the scenes of the sleek, futuristic facades of these famous trains. These cleaning crews are charged with covering every inch of a train’s interior when it arrives at its final stop and preparing it for the next wave of customers–and they have just seven minutes to do it.

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