Writing with an Idea of the Content

It is Fishing Time
Thing we see and read, the article body is content. To engage the attention of the reader, there has to be an even flow through out the article. There has to be rapid movement between ideas. Last night I met my friend Kelly. She liked wearing short skirts and last night was no exception. “Do you want to watch a movie, I have a new one”. It is all about content. “Which one?” I picked out a magazine from the rack. “Star Trek”, she was smiling now, because she knew I went out of my mind when I saw weirdly dressed people doing stunts.
Introducing the Idea
To keep an idea on track, one has to outline the objective of the article, it shows the reader where you want to go. “How about the games?”, she was lost during a football game. “No, not this week end. We can go home to watch the movie.” Would not give up, like sheep that has grass on its mind. I had set my sights on exploring the creek by the hills, it had plenty of fish. “We can watch it tomorrow, I promised Tom that I would go catch fish with him.”

Keeping up the tempo
The weekend rush had clogged the roads, people were driving out to the hills. I knew a route through the countryside and I was planning to ride out in my bicycle with my fishing gear. “I will wait for you at my house,” she turned and went back to her car. “Okay, see you soon Kelly”. A tiger was said to be on the prowl, it had escaped from the local zoo. There was a chance it was roaming the lake where I was planning to go. However, this tiger was used to people and so there was no danger, but I was a little perturbed. Why had they not caught it yet?

Finishing with Flourish
My feet were wet and before I realized it something snagged the line. I began to pull in the line. The article reads well if you make the right moves at the correct speed. Soon I had a basketful of fish, I seemed to have wandered into a pocket where there was plenty of fish. And of course, the tiger turned up. It was sitting beside the bush where I had parked my bicycle. It seemed they fed the tiger fish and he was eyeing my basket and looking at me. This makes the content of the article interesting. I turned the basket over to it. I put the basket a good distance from the bush and slowly took a round about route back. Keep the flow of ideas smooth throughout the article.

The girl was waiting at home for me, and she laughed at the story about the tiger of course. Here we finish the article with a good happy end. She would not believe it unless she knew that a tiger was on the loose. But, it would not matter, I would be home safe.