Beat the Summer Heat with Fruits: Healthy and Cooling

Summer dehydrates the body. Our health takes a beating. To replenish the lost nutrients, one has to drink lots of fluids. Choose those drinks that have Vitamin C since this helps augment our health. It is among the essential nutrients our body needs to perform at its peak.Image

Drinks made of citrus fruits like lemon and oranges are in demand during the summer season. Best way to drink this is to make a juice with one or two lemons (or one orange) and have it after chilling. 

Avoid juices that have been stored for long periods or buying your drink from the shops as they use artificial sweeteners. If you do not have a lemon plant in your garden, stock up this fruit in your refrigerator and make fresh fruit juice whenever you want. 





Best day for a long time

Today was great everything began wrong and ended right. Must be the season but today seems to be some kind of harbinger.

lenten season

Greatness leaves everything behind

There is lot of good luck around but do we wait for lent to be over?